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January 26, 2023 2 min read

Are you a new parent struggling to understand your baby's cries? The Dunstan Baby Language, also known as "The Dunstan Method," may be just what you need to improve communication with your little one. Developed by Australian pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, this system interprets the different cries of infants and helps you understand their needs.

According to Dr. Karp, all babies are born with a set of innate cries that communicate specific needs, such as hunger, sleepiness, and discomfort. There are five distinct cries that babies make, each of which corresponds to a specific need:

  1. The "Neh" cry indicates hunger
  2. The "Eh" cry indicates discomfort or the need to burp
  3. The "Eairh" cry indicates the need to sleep
  4. The "Heh" cry indicates the need for attention or to be held
  5. The "Owh" cry indicates pain or distress

By learning to identify and respond to these cries, you can better understand and meet your baby's needs. Dr. Karp suggests that responding quickly and appropriately to the cries can help to reduce the amount of crying and improve the overall well-being of the baby.

The Dunstan Baby Language has received mixed reviews from the medical community, but many parents have found it to be a helpful tool for understanding and caring for their infants. It can be especially helpful for new parents to understand the different cries and what they might indicate, and to develop a system of responding to their baby's cries in a timely and appropriate manner.

At The Mylk Society, we understand the importance of good communication between parents and infants (as well as good sleep!). That's why we're excited to share the Dunstan Baby Language with our readers. Give it a try and see if it helps you understand your baby's cries better.

Overall, the Dunstan Baby Language is a system that aims to improve the communication between parents and infants and help meet the needs of the baby. While it may not be supported by all medical professionals, many parents find it a helpful tool in understanding and caring for their infants. It's easy-going and simple to understand, and can be very helpful to new parents.

Just another way to make parenting easy and convenient, just like our breastfeeding friendly products!

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